[Histonet] need some help with frozen sections

Eva C Anderson eca9 <@t> georgetown.edu
Mon Apr 25 08:59:34 CDT 2005

Good morning,
I am starting to stain frozen sections for the first time. Until now I 
have only stained paraffin embedded sections and so was hoping for some 
I contacted our histopathology lab who provided me with the following 
They don't use any antigen retrieval method.
They pretreat the slides only with methanol for 10min followed by drying 
before staining.
Then they proceed with the normal steps of staining and dehydration.

I have however read that acetone can be used instead of the methanol. 
What is the difference that this provides? I am trying to stain for Stat5.
Is there anything els I should keep in mind when handling frozen sections?

Would be very grateful for any information you could provide this rookie 
Thank you,

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