[Histonet] CD4 CD8 stain

Christophe Meiers cmeiers <@t> thelabrat.com
Sat Apr 23 08:56:53 CDT 2005

   Could  someone  please  give  advice regarding cd4 and cd8 staining of
   brain   tissue.    We  dissected  out  the  brain  of  a  mouse,  made
   longitudinal  section  midbrain,  one  half of the brain was placed in
   formalin for routine H & E, the other half was snap frozen for the cd4
   and  cd8.   The sections came out absolutely horrible with what looked
   like  exploded  tissue.  Should  the  brain  be treated in a different
   fashion ?  Would formalin interfere with staining CD4 and CD8 ?

   I  know  this  probably sounds like a very elementary question, we are
   currently  waiting  for a new Histo tech that is well versed in Immuno
   staining, but in the meantime research carries on.

   I  am  thanking  you in advance and would appreciate any comments.  As
   you  have guessed, I am not a Histologist, just someone trying to keep
   the lab going until we fulfill the vacancy.

   Thank you

   Christophe Meiers

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