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saya narra sayanarra <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Apr 21 19:28:09 CDT 2005

Hello Sue,
>From what I hear, Peloris TPs went into Ameripath and did nothing but breakdown, so the rumor goes. This may explain why they are being  virtually given away to Ameripath.  If you get one make sure 1) It's free to try - call US labs and see what their arrangement is - and 2) you make sure  someone is close by to fix it. These suggestions are, of course, prudent for all instruments. 
Good luck . I prefer our VIPs fot TP. Faster isn't always better - tortoise and the hare !!!
Saya Narra

Suelutsch <@t> cs.com wrote:
US Labs in Irvine California is awaiting their Peloris Processor.  We were to receive two the beginning of April, but they say they are having software problems.  We are really looking forward to trying this because of the amount of prostate we process.  Has anyone yet tried this in Australia or anywhere else? 
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