[Histonet] Website -- a small boast

Connie McManus conniemoss <@t> relia.net
Thu Apr 21 16:29:09 CDT 2005

Hi everyone!

Our website is now up & running.  My son, Nate, designed the whole thing. 
You have to understand, he had never done such a thing before.  He learned
to do this with some help from his friends.  I'm just a tad proud.  I
Couldn't resist sending out this little boast.  I invite you all to check
it out in your spare time.  http://www.mtogdensci.com

While you're there, you might want to check out MOSS-LINK.  This is a
real-time viewing of what's in our scope, so you'll have to call our toll
free number and ask for a demo.

Connie McManus
Mt Ogden Scientific Services
950 W Kershaw, Suite E
Ogden UT  84401
toll free: 877/311-6677
tel: 801/334-6677
direct: 801/745-2583
cell: 435/757/2975
fax: 435/514-1781
conniemoss <@t> relia.net


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