[Histonet] Seeking Histotechs' and Pathologists' Input

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Tue Apr 19 22:04:48 CDT 2005

Fellow Histonetters,

I'm looking for a few good histotechs and pathologists!  

More accurately, I'm looking for input and opinions in the areas of cytology, 
histology, histotechnology, day-to-day operations in the lab, how decisions 
on equipment and instrumentation get made, what the liines of authority are in 
various labs, etc.

This information is for a client of mine who would like to get a general idea 
about lab practices, procedures and operations.  It's important that we get 
input from the perspectives of both the pathologist and the histotechnologist.

We welcome participation from academic labs, private and public hospitals, 
and reference labs.  The more, the merrier!

If you and/or your docs are willing to participate in a 15-minute telephone 
call, please contact me off-list for more info or send me the contact 
information.  I promise, this is a one-shot deal and it will only take an investment of 
15 minutes.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide..



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