[Histonet] tape and other transfer methods RE: How does it work for bone

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Yes, these are different types of transfer.

The Instrumedics tape transfer is the immediate way to pick up a section 
onto tape to be transfered onto a polymer coated slide which is then 
exposed to UV light.  This can be for a paraffin block or the very popular 
Cryojane for undecalcifed bone frozen sections, fix and then do IHC or 
whatever stain one needs.  These are sections normally too difficult to cut 
and adhere to a plus charge slide to begin with, or in the case of bone 
sections, totally fall apart.  You can check out the device/method on 
Instrumedics website, they have diagrams and method description.

I can see the advantages of your method for the application you describe 
too after reading p. 34, thanks for that info.

At 02:19 PM 4/15/2005, you wrote:
>We may be talking about two totally different ideas.
>What I'm talking about it transfering previously stained H&E sections to
>different slides (in case the block is missing or no more tumor is left in
>it) and doing the IHC stains necessary to get a diagnosis.  Like I said we've
>gotten up to 30 stains from one slide.  It's also useful on cytology slides
>and special stains.  Am I making any sense?
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>Out of curiosity, how does it work for cutting undecalcified bone frozen
>sections and keep them on a slide?
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> >Anita,
> >
> >We use a different type of tissue transfer using a substance called quick
> >mount.  It's a great help because we can  cut the tissue from one slide and
> >transfer it to numerous other slides for IHC and we get great results.  My
> >pathologist, Dr. Rodney T. Miller, has written a protocol for this technique
> >at http://www.ihcworld.com/_books/Technical-IHC.pdf .  If you have any
> >questions you can e-mail me at ccollins <@t> propathlab.com.
> >
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