[Histonet] microtome question

Jacqueline Lair reynaniteraven <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 20:59:37 CDT 2005

I was having a similar problem with the microtomes in
our lab.. the block would chunk out the tissue and the
block seemed as if it were barely held into the block
holder, very "wobbly like".  

You could wiggle the block around in the block holder
after it was clamped in.

This is what I did:

Look at the block holder as its held or in the "open"
position you would need to have it to insert a block.

You should see one or two small openings (the
"openings" will either be on the bottom or on the
sides of the block holder, depending on which type of
microtome you are using.) between the metal on the
block holder; i.e. where the metal would come or clamp
together to hold a paraffin block.

Next, take a pick and scrape the paraffin out of the
"opening(s)" in the block holder.

When I did the scraping, my block holder had a bunch
of paraffin built up "inside" of it, which was causing
the block holder to not clamp down as tightly or
securely on the block.

I find that if I face in many blocks at one time, I
have to scrape out the block holder after Ive finished
all of my facing.

Now, Ive just gotten into the habit of scraping out
the block holder after Im done facing to ensure that
there is no paraffin build up within the block holder
at all.

I hope this makes sense?  

I hope it helps.

Jacqueline Lair,  HT  (ASCP)

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