[Histonet] who reads what?

Stephen Peters M.D. petepath <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 11:46:35 CDT 2005

I have a simple spread sheet that lists the pathologist names on the y axis and the 
cases which are destributed to them on the X axis. The chart numbes cases 
consecutively. Each pathologist has a pre determined number that are filled into his boxes
 on the chart when they are accessioned. For instance If i am on our surge path 1 rotation I 
will reciece #s 1-10, 30 -40, 60 -70, 80 -90, 101-105....... Depending on the total for the 
day  will recieve further #s on this chart. The other 5 pathologists recieving cases will also 
have designated #s on this chart. As soon as the case os accessioned, the number is filled
 in on the chart. Any cases which I read exclusively ( such as ped GI)  are placed in my 
boxes even if out of order. So you are left with a big spread sheet filled in with the cases of 
the day. As soon as they are accessioned my transcribers, PA's residents and 
clinicians know who to go to with questions. We have different flow charts depending on 
how many we have this dat. % man, 6 man and 7 man rotations. It sounds complicated but 
is truely an easy way to get this complicated job done. I have a copy of the chart that 
I underline when a case is brought to me so I always know if it is really my case they 
are bringing me before I read it. Before this I would find I read two trays of someone elses 
work and wonder why I seem to have so much that day. I know this sounds complicated but 
I can send an example of the chart to any one who would like. 
I am sending one to  Michelle. Maybe she will give us some feed back to see if it works for her.

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