[Histonet] Cryosectioning Whole Fish

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Hi Amber,
Would it be too disruptive to your study to inject a small amount of
cryomatrix intra-abdominally prior to freezing? I think the internal
organs, being small and fragile, are not sticking to one another 

I also suspect there is quite a high fat component in there as well,
so with fat, a colder cutting temperature is generally better.

By the way, I haven't tried the intra-abdominal injection technique
myself. Let me know if you try it and how well it works. Good luck.

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Subject:        	[Histonet] Cryosectioning Whole Fish

> Hello Histonetters, 
> I am currently trying to develop a method to cryosection whole
> Japanese medaka (a guppie-sized fish). We would eventually like to
> use labeled probes to do in-situ hybridization on the sections. We
> have tried sectioning with a disposable steel blade at multiple
> temperatures and section thicknesses. The muscle seems to section
> fine, but the organs in the body cavity and the brain (which are the
> parts of the fish we are interested in) shred or just completely
> disappear. 
> Any ideas about what is happening or suggestions on how to get
> better sections? 
> Thanks,
> Amber Tompsett
> Graduate Assistant
> Department of Zoology
> Michigan State University
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