[Histonet] who reads what?

Michele_Marggi <@t> ssmhc.com Michele_Marggi <@t> ssmhc.com
Wed Apr 6 10:46:50 CDT 2005

Yes- our director is involved.  I just knew the histonet would be a great
starting point- and I was right....I appreciate all the responses, and look
forward to more.


Michele Marggi
Surgical Pathology Supervisor
St. Marys Hospital Medical Center
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Hello Michele -

Though it may be impossible in your situation - please remember that it is
the responsibility of the pathologists to determine and agree upon their
group and individual workload and schedules.   Though frequently this is
solely based upon seniority or politics within the group - the ideal
circumstance is when the workload is based upon the best interest of

When pathologists have "areas of interest" it means that they are generally

better at diagnosing diseases of those particular body organs.  Those
interests translate to better patient care, since the best possible
pathologist in the group is looking at the type of pathology they have the
greatest knowledge base in; rather than just being a symptom of a finnicky

The director of pathology should be involved in establishing the "routine"
for delegating slide distribution.  Is this the case in your institution?

Julia Dahl MD

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>Hello all:
>I am hoping that I can get some help.....
>I am wondering what system people are using  to divide up cases/slides to
>your pathologists.  We currently have a very "painful" process of dividing
>up cases to our pathologists.  Trying to make it fair in terms of numbers,
>types of cases, and even trying to accommodate personal interests or
>specialties.  All of this consideration means a lot of time added to the
>process.   I would really appreciate some response and ideas for a better
>and more efficient process.
>Michele Marggi
>Surgical Pathology Supervisor
>St. Marys Hospital Medical Center
>707 S Mills Street
>Madison WI  53715
>Telephone: 608.258.6930
>Fax: 608.258.6268
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