[Histonet] automated versus manual for practical(practical testing centers?)

Madary, Joseph MadaryJ <@t> MedImmune.com
Tue Apr 5 14:11:59 CDT 2005

As most I did all three practicals manually getting the first in 1982.  I have to say though as a confirmed cheapskate what of the folks that rely on the lab they are in to do the work and the supervisor will not approve of purchasing reagents for manual, and even if the person paid, would have an issue with the the regs/safety issues of getting new chemicals in the lab?  I am all for punishing new people in the  lab and making their life difficult espceially those non certified types, oh my God! What if they have no access to manual methods?  Maybe the folks using automated methods should have to do more or something.  How far does it go, coverslipping?  I mean one could argue buying a staining kit is just as bad as automation since you are not` making reagents.  I think this is an important issue as you all have pointed out.  Personally, I feel there should be testing centers for the practical. Hey there is a money making idea that someone can steal from me!

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