[Histonet] re: microns on frozen sections of lung

Stephen Peters M.D. petepath <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Apr 4 10:29:04 CDT 2005

Hi Teresa,
 Lung tends to be a bit on the watery side. If there is pulmonaty edema it will be
 very watery and suseptable to freeze artefact which can make it seem like its full of 
holes. The more water a tissue has the warmer I cut them. I will often start trimming at at
 temp that is just starts to cut in a  flat sheet without crumpling. As the block continues to 
cool on the chuck the tissue  comes to the temp where it starts to cut just right. 
With my system we have small steel blocks that you can press to the face of the block 
cool it further it in small incerments if needed ( without freezing it too hard with a spray)
Make sure your crostat is set up properly ( blade angle ect) and above all start with a 
sharp blade. If you want to make sure your problems are do to the tissue and not 
something wrong with the cryostat, make a block of only OCT and try cutting it. It should 
cut very easily.

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