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Larry,  You are partially right.  If a state begins to license a trade
they normally do give a few years for those working to fulfill the
requirements.  It really depends on how the law is written as to what
happens next.  The state may just "grandfather" in anyone currently
working in the field or (most probably) require them to pass the
licensure test.  This is were histotechs can get burned.  If the state
follows Florida's lead and counts the ASCP/BOR as the licensing test for
the State but the practicing HT can't be certified by ASCP because they
don't meet the new education standards they would be legislated out of
their job.  It's a cruel fact but very possible.  Pathologists normally
fight the licensure issue because they don't want the State dictating
who they have to hire.  In my experience I have found that licensure
doesn't always equal quality

Charles Embrey  


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Well get out the violins I'm tearing up here. Why would you choose not
to get certified if you "love" your job so much. If you've been in the
field that long it would be a snap to get certified and besides they
wouldn't be firing anyone if they made licensure mandatory, it would
have to begin at a future date, everyone else would be grandfathered in.
As far as pathologists not being able to find qualified people, they are
partly to blame, they don't want mandatory licensure.

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