[Histonet] Paying the high ASCP fees each year

Sarah Jones hawkmoon15 <@t> cox.net
Sun Apr 3 16:30:13 CDT 2005

Okay, okay....I have had to bite my lip to stay out of this until now.
However, I can no longer stand by and see this crusifiction continue for the
ASCP.  A few years back, the "American Society of Clinical Pathologists"
became the "American Society of Clinical Pathology".  There was a HUGE HUSH
when this was done.  To the best of my knowledge, this was not done with any
kind of fanfare.  TRUST ME!  We, as a professional group, are MUCH better
off now than we were in the many, many years prior, during which time our
dues stayed at the level (far cheaper) amount.

I go waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back, to when the Registry (ASCP) was in
Muncie, Indiana....this was prior to the move to Chicago, Illinois.  When
the ASCP was basically 'owned' by the Pathologists, many things were
different.  Our dues remained the same for EONS.  In fact, I wondered why
they never seemed to change.  However, our salaries were as etched in stone
as the dues were.  THAT, my friends, was because the Pathologists did not
allow for any significant salary increases, which was what they were (IMHO)
trying to accomplish.  In other words, if you were 'ASCP', they could then
control your wages.  Of course, that was back in the days before we were in
such a short supply.

Soooooooo....my best guess is that the Pathologists let go of any control
AND financial support they had on the ASCP when  it became obvious that we
ARE in such short supply.  I am sure that when that happened, the ASCP had
to start raising the fees to simply survive.

The ASCP was there for us LONG before the NSH.  I belong to the NSH as well,
and I realize all they have done for us.  In addition, I belong to our state
Histology Society.  However, I have no intention of discarding the ASCP now,
simply because they are now in need of re-defining their support and what
they can offer each dicipline in continuing education.

I can remember being in Chicago for the meeting from which the  NSH arose.
That was done because we Histotechs felt that we needed better
representation than we had to that point in time.

Yes, the NSH does more for us as an individual group than the ASCP has ever
done.  However, you have to consider that the ASCP represents far more
disciplines than ours!  In addition, the ASCP was there prior to any other.
Surely THAT means something to you!

Sarah A. Jones
sarah.jones <@t> dakocytomation.com

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> Mark,
> well said, but starting this year, whoever passes the registry has to
> their registry every three years or their certification expires. This is
> another thorn in my side.
>     Yes, everyone should have continuing education, that's a fact, but to
> have people renew their certification every three years is just another
> avenue for the ASCP to collect money. Gee, they are sounding more and more
> like the IRS.
> Joe Nocito BS, HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Histology Manager
> Pathology Reference Lab
> San Antonio, TX
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> > Why pay ASCP to bully me around?  I pay NSH, and CSH(California) every
> > year because its worth it, and they don't try and force you into it.  I
> > like reading the JOH, that alone makes the NSH dues worthwhile.  ASCP, I
> > won't pay.  They're not even friendly on the phone.  Why can't the NSH
> > just start certifying people?
> >
> > Mark Tarango
> >
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> >>I must chime in here a bit.  Those who do not participate in the their
> >>professional organizations (ASCP, NSH, state societies, etc.) are
> >>out on resources that they of course don't know anything about because
> >>they
> >>are not engaged. Even when you do pay ASCP dues each year the benefits
> >>not always transparent.  ASCP is the Certifying agency for our
> >>without them none of us would have documentation that we are
> >>"professionals".  I know that there are plenty of people out there who
> >>have been working in the field for a long time and can perform the
> >>required
> >>tasks, but the fact that they have not gotten certified says something
> >>about
> >>them that frankly would not impress me as a perspective employer.  With
> >>few exceptions (ie Jackie O, who is certified I know) I would be willing
> >>to
> >>bet that these non-certified, non-engaged people do not read the
> >>or
> >>attend classes in their field, which again would not impress me as their
> >>employer.
> >>It is our job to educate the administrators.  They often have no idea
> >>non-certified people are working for them or even that certification is
> >>available in some cases.  NSH has been working for many years to try and
> >>get
> >>CAP to require certified Histotech's be working in the histo lab, we
> >>asked that they at least require supervisors be certified.  CAP still
> >>no
> >>such requirements.  It can be a long tuff battle, but we are making
> >>progress.  ASCP, NSH, CAP and State Histology Societies, to mention a
> >>are our professional bargaining agencies.  Through them we will make the
> >>changes in the field we want to see.  Without these agencies we are just
> >>individuals whining about issues we are doing nothing to affect.
> >
> >>Best regards,
> >
> >>Patsy Ruegg
> >
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