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I can see where you are coming from but I do not agree with this
It is fine for individual histotechs to try to get as much salary as
possible from their current employer, good luck to y'all for this.
However this does not change the overall situation for histotechs in
general and depends on a one on one interaction or confrontation. The
concept of the squeaky wheel springs to mind. 
What is desperately needed is a uniform salary base for histotechs
depending on their level, certification etc. 
This does not mean that salaries would have to be the same for all
regardless of their location, but there would be a baseline for all that
all employers would have to abide by. 
We all recognize that some places are simply more expensive to live at
than others. What is needed is a base scale with appropriate adjustments
for location and for each stage of advancement in the profession.  If
expertise and salaries are tied together and for all defined positions
there is a requirement (for HIPPA or similar regulations) that in order
to perform certain tests you have certification, then salary should
follow. A united approach is, I believe, the only way to ensure our
profession maintains its standards of excellence and also is recognized
for its contributions to the health of patients.

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Hi all,


I just have to add my opinion to what is going on, on the Histo net.
Don't department heads have a say in what the qualifications should be
for tech positions?  Maybe it is time to get together with the powers
that be and make a change.  ASCP has raised the education level for
certifying histo-techs, this should be an opportunity to get together
with your administrators and make requirement changes for your Histo
tech positions. That is exactly what I am going to do.  If your
institution prefers to hire uncertified people to do the work certified
techs should be doing, is this a place you really want to work?
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and deserves to know that
their hard work is appreciated.  If you don't get this where you are at,
leave.  There are a lot of other places in need of histo-techs.  


After my job was phased out at a hospital where I had worked for 10
years, I went to work at 3 different labs before I found my niche.  We
spend too much of our daily lives at our jobs, we don't need to be
unhappy and with high blood pressure the minute we walk into our lab.
Life is too short.


And as far as Continuing Education, NSH offers online CE and
teleconferences (about 8 or 9 a year ).  Leica and Thermoshandon (is
that their name now?) as I'm sure other vendors do also, offer 1 day
workshops for CEU's .  The continuing education for our field is out
there, sometimes we just have to look for it.


P.S.  I'll have a position open in December, anybody interested?



Lots of Love to all my Histo brothers and sisters,



Ruth Cazares HT (ASCP) 

Department of Pathology

Swedish Covenant Hospital

Chicago, IL 60625


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