[Histonet] ASCP BOR - answers to questions- this is going to hurt!

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Fri Apr 1 11:38:32 CST 2005

Vinnie, it is true, we are already the unknown. And much of it has to  do 
with our stubbornness to accept the fact that if we want to be included  with MTs 
and CTs, and fly with the eagles, we need to do our part when it  comes to 
education.   Personally, I could not just walk out and would  not be able to do 
it.   But we have an NSH representative on the ASCP  Board.   Why can Marilyn 
Gamble not bring this to their attention and  see what steps can be taken to 
correct an old situation.  I for one, think  that we should have gone for 
it....   the 4 year degree and just bit  the bullet.  The associate degree is only 
a small step forward.  Is it  going to take another 20 years to make it a 
degreed registry?
Pearl Gervais, BS, HT/HTL
And I might add, I did not complete my degree until after I got my  HTL.  If 
I can do it, others can too.   I worked 50 hour weeks,  had two young children 
and commuted 65 miles to work. And I still attended  workshops, local, out of 
state and the national to learn more before it was  required here in 
Louisiana to have CEUs.
Not easy, but it can be done.

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