[Histonet] ASCP BOR - answers to questions

Therersa Stegall STEGTM <@t> samcstl.org
Fri Apr 1 11:02:19 CST 2005

You are so right.  Especially if that uncertified employee has
seniority.  Some days I bounce around the lab like a rubber monkey,
between ascessioning, cutting, staining, IHC and specials, frozens (and
all of the troubleshooting and equipment maintenance); while the
"microtomy monkeys" sit with their arms folded after the mornings' run
has been sectioned and stained.  And they make more $$$ than I do.  I
have 2 degrees, have been certified for more years than I want to talk
about, and...... The thing is, I love what I do, and try to learn more
always.  Maybe I wouldn't be so frustrated if I just chucked it, and
went to manage a Quik Trip - those folks get more for slinging gas,
beer/coffee, cigs than we licensed medical professionals do.  Okay, I
feel better now.  Peace, Terre

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