[Histonet] Histonet @ NSH S/C

kerry.l.crabb <@t> gsk.com kerry.l.crabb <@t> gsk.com
Thu Sep 30 19:12:40 CDT 2004


I appreciate your interest in the NSH Symposium/Convention and Histonet 
which has done so much for the histology field.  I have been copied on 
most if not all the emails to Histonet about trying to get you all 
together during the S/C.  Yes, that would be a great idea I believe NSH 
could support.  Yes, it was done a number of years ago (I think twice) 
during Histonet's early days.  Since Histonet is not an official part of 
NSH, a gathering for you netters is not planned or arrangements made by 
NSH.  Although NSH does not have monies available to assist you, we may be 
able to assist by finding space for you to gather if someone in your group 
is willing to plan and make all the arrangements.  The person willing to 
plan something for you may contact the NSH Meeting Manager (Carrie 
Diamond) to see if she can find a table/room for you to gather.  This 
person may also contact me directly to discuss your ideas as they develop 
and the possibilities of making them happen at the next NSH S/C.

Kerry Crabb
NSH Convention Chairman

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