[Histonet] Mast Cell Stain other than Toluidine Blue

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My favorite for mast cell granules has to be the Csaba from Disbrey and
Racks publication.
It uses Alcian blue and safranin in Walpoles/HCL buffer pH 1.42.
Not only does it stain mast cells beautifully but it will differentiate
between young mast cell granules that are histamine dominant (blue) and
mature mast cell granules that are heparin dominant (red)
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No, but I have two methods that are very simple, both are T blue.
Churkian Schenk is my favorite, but have also used a method nicely
passed on to me by Liz Chlipala out of Frieda Carson's book, a pH 4.3 T
blue that takes 3 to 5 minutes, rinse with water, air dry the section
and mount.  This one is 
really simple and fast.   If you want, I can forward both to you

At 05:37 AM 9/30/2004, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a simple Mast Cell Stain other than Toluidine Blue?
>Annette Featherstone HT/MLT
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>I attended a workshop at NSH last week on connective tissue staining 
>and one of the attendees said they were using citrate buffer instead of

>bouins as a mordant. I couldn't catch up with her after the workshop to

>ask about the protocol. Is anybody out in histoland doing this? Would 
>you mind sharing your protocol if you are?
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