[Histonet] Fixing tissue microarray problem

Thom Jensen tissuearray <@t> hotmail.com
Wed Sep 29 10:52:32 CDT 2004

   If  the  tissue  is deep you might not be going entirely through it to
   the  paraffin  on  the  other  side.  Even so sometimes the core still
   stays  in.  The  habit I have when punching is turning the donor block
   around  and  then removing the needle.  This complete turn seems to be
   the best remedy for stuck cores.
   Thom Jensen
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   >Subject: Re: [Histonet] tissue microarray problem
   >Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 10:06:26 -0500
   >Thanks.  I've  tried moving the handle back and forth, but that seems
   >make it worse.  I'll have to look into tamping the stylus.  I worry
   >about compressing the tissue, but that's what practice is for.
   >Thanks again,
   > >>> Helen Fedor <hfedor <@t> jhmi.edu> 09/28/04 3:27 PM >>>
   >Move the handle back and forth a couple of times and then gently Tamp
   >on top of the stylus. these two steps have always take care of any
   >resistant core removal.
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   >   >>>   Jacqueline   Miller   <Jacqueline.Miller <@t> UTSouthwestern.edu>
   >03:57PM >>>
   >Hi everyone,
   >I'm making several practice tissue microarrays, and I'm having a lot
   >problem with not being able to retrieve the donor core.  In other
   >after  I  punch the donor block, the core does not stay in the needle
   >the needle is withdrawn.  Instead, the core remains in the block and
   >only way to get it out is to pry it out, which ruins the surrounding
   >tissue.  I appreciate any tips that anyone can offer as to how to
   >retrieve the core when this happens, or better yet, how to keep this
   >from happening in the first place.
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