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You are 100% on the mark about the difficulty of meeting people at the NSH convention. It might help to make your comments to those that organize the convention (anyone on the convention committee). Years ago when we were meeting in a smaller venue, it was easier. I would suggest a couple of ideas. Join a committee or two. Meet the Regional reps and they'll network with you to meet the state presidents. These folks are our current leaders and you might take the initiative to meet them. They're all there at the hospitalities. Go to the membership meeting. I know it's easier said than done, but it gets easier with each meeting you go to. Good Luck. 

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	Someone set up an event like that a few symposiums ago and it was great
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	Hello All,
	I have only been to 2 NSH Conventions (Salt Lake and Toronto) so
	far, and while I am profoundly impressed with how well they are run
	and the quality of the speakers, I find that they are sooo big that it
	virtually impossible to meet anyone "by chance" that you may know
	from the Histonet! For instance, the whole time I was in Toronto, I
	was straining my eyes to read name tags in the hopes of putting 
	faces to some (or any) of the many names I am familiar with here
	online- and I found none!
	I would like to suggest that a "Mix and Mingle" opportunity for
	Histonet members at the annual convention would be a well
	attended event. An informal gathering, perhaps at lunch time in one
	of the lecture halls or just around the registration area. And
	everyone would be asked to wear name tags that have both the 1st
	and last names nice and big so we wouldn't be a bunch of
	squinters! :-)
	Anyone else feel likewise? Comments? Maybe others enjoy the
	faceless nature of cyberspace!?
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