[Histonet] Figuring cost per H&E slide

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Wed Sep 22 09:30:03 CDT 2004

 You may want to look at how many slides are cut in say 4 hours and divide by your techs salary per hour. I do it on 15 min increments and total slides . for example if a tech gets 20.00/hr then 15 min  is 5.00 and if she cuts 15 slides in that 15 min labor is 1.00/slide. a little rudimentary but effective. reagen costs should be based on total slides, before reagents changed. Do you change any reagents during daily runs? do you use hematoxylin for more that a day? if you use for 5 days you need to calculate that cost on 5 days
worth of slides and actually makes your costs lower.

if you need more help feel free to call me at work    dana

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