[Histonet] Embedding of small artery

Christopher Ian Hill S2118495 <@t> student.rmit.edu.au
Tue Sep 14 19:15:51 CDT 2004

In referance to this, I am an Honours studentat RMIT in Melbourne Aust. My project is looking at atherosclerotic changes in the aorta of mice, so processing and embedding small arteries has become part of my daily routine. My supervisor has worked with the mesenteric vessels of rats, which are smaller again. We use fixation in 10%NBF for 2 hours and then into a processor (alcohol/xyleen) on 15 minute cycles. And then embed the tissue in parafin to give transverse sections of the aorta. Sections are cut at 4um. The tissue sections i use are approx 3-5mm long and need fine tip forceps. I beliece that my supervisor perfused with fixative when she was doing the smaller vessels. 

Chris Hill
BSc Grad. Dip. MLS 

hello galina,

Rat and mouse organs can be cut easily after short processing(using acetone and xylene)and then embedding in paraffin wax of low melting point(56 C).... same could applied for the small artery also

Chris Hill

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