[Histonet] fluorescent dyes/lables for neuronal activities?

Cao, Xudong Xudong_Cao <@t> brown.edu
Mon Sep 13 16:03:50 CDT 2004

Greetings! first of all I'd like to thank eveybody who responded to my previous posts. The advice/ideas I received were valuable!  Here I have one more question: I am studying nerve innervation into artificial skin graft that we make in vitro and my immunostaining tells me that there are some wonderful nerve fibers growing into the skin. The question that we have now is if the innervation functional. In order to test this, we want to mechanically tease the artificial skin and see if there is some responses from the nerve cells that have presumablly innervated the corresponding part of the skin. Thus, it would be nice to find some fluorescent dyes/lables that will glow when the neurons are activated/firing. any suggestions?
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