[Histonet] Being laid off

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Sat Sep 11 14:03:49 CDT 2004

My last company went through this twice in the past year.  Although they were for profit, some things to consider is if it is an "at will" employment  forget the 60 days, cobra is an entitlement based on if you had coverage and is a Federal Law they will have to abide by(plus you can get it yourself), the retirement annuities issues is based on vesting times established at the time of employment, and unused vacation was paid(by law), no sick time or floating days were paid, and severance was not a given for everyone, some folks got nothing.  This is wwhat happened at this place, a pharma company.

Nick(Rocky) Madary, HT,HTL(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Manager, Medimmune Inc

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