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Thu Sep 9 01:34:53 CDT 2004

Dear Histonetters,

It's nice to be back with Histosearch after a short break. 

Well, I am facing problem with PCN staining of urinary bladder of rat. We 
are using Zymed PCNA staining kit for the same. I am getting non specific 
staining where even the nucleus of the muscle layers are also staining. We 
are retrieving the antigen by heating the sections in Citrate buffer. But 
we are not having this problem in the intestines of same control animals. 
Does anybody have experience of PCNA staining with U. bladder so that they 
can advise me about this problem. Ofcourse we have increased the blocking 
time with serum upto 30 minutes unsuccessfully.

Thanks in advance.

Dr. M.R. Balaji
Dept. Pre clinical safety evaluation,
Discovery research, 
Dr. Reddys Laboratories ltd. Bollaram Road, 
Miyapur, Hyderabad, 500 049
 Andhra Pradseh, INDIA
Email - balajimr <@t> drreddys.com
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