[Histonet] Shredded cigarettes for Land snail dissection.

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Wed Sep 8 14:00:07 CDT 2004

At the risk of too much humor, would chewing tobacco (not used, please!) do 
the job instead of shredding cigarettes.  A scientific use for SKOL!!

At 10:23 AM 9/8/2004, you wrote:
>Many centuries ago, I forced a snail out of its shell by shredding a pack of
>cigarettes into a pint of water and dropping the snail into it.
>Borradaile's THE INVERTEBRATA has instructions for dissecting the European
>garden snail Helix pomatia (pp. 604-610 in the 4th edition).  The book is
>out of print, but available used.
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