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Dear Jason,

The problem you are encountering with disposable blades may have some
similarities with this scenario of a story I heard.

A large screw manufacturer in the UK had a problem on their production
line with missing the slot on the heads of thousands of screws, they
informed the work force that there would be a prize for the best idea
for using these screws with no loss to the company. The person who won
this prize suggested placing 2 unslotted screws in each pack of 1000
screws, as when the customers found the faulty screws they would just
throw them away.

As a manufacturer using many screws I know we throw out duff screws on a
regular basis.

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anyone have tips for minimizing blade sign? i start at one end of fresh 
blade and work to the other end before throwing out the disposable
sometimes however, blade sign appears even with a new blade. is it just
some blocks have hard spots that nick the blade?


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