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     Just to be on the safe side it would be wise if you knew what equipment requires validation and advise your customers that it needs to be done. Some customers may be perfectly capable and willing to do it themselves. Others will probably expect you to do it for them. This puts you in a good position to perform the validation but charge for the service. The catch is that inspections and validations are somewhat subjective. Make sure that if you do a validation that it is rock solid for an inspection. I really see no reason why a company should be expected to do this for all situations though. Just make sure the customer knows that it needs to be done.
Amos Brooks


Good morning everyone.

I have a question concerning equipment validation.

We recently had a customer that said they were cited during an inspection
for not having a record of their new equipment being validated.
I am assume that the validation of the equipment means that they should
have run a parallel test with the new and "old" piece of equipment to
verify that it indeed performs as it should. The customer felt it was our
responsibility to do the validation testing in their lab for the equipment.
Does anyone have some more insight or protocols as to  what equipment
validation documentation is required of inspecting agencies like Joint
Commission ?

I appreciate your input.

Have a Blessed Day !

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