[Histonet] re-staining of "exhumed" sections

DANIEL EBERHARD daniel.eberhard <@t> uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Sep 1 12:00:04 CDT 2004

Dear Histonetters,
I would like to re-stain old pFA fixed sections, which developed high 
auto-fluorescence levels after some month. Thus, I decoversliped them, 
removed (washed) the mounting media and performed normal antibody 
staining using sec HRP conj. AB and DAB.
Unfortunately, some AB which recognize their epitopes in "fresh" pFA 
fixed sections do not work on the "exhumed" sections. I wonder if 
someone can assist me in solving this problem. Might antigen retrieval 
methods help in this case?

Any hints may be helpful, thanks in advance


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