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Check out the Project Micro information on the Microscopy Society of 
America website, 
They (well, Caroline Schooley, really) go into just this issue -- 
which are good microscopes for kids and students. You can also get 
lots of information about activities, books, and so forth at this 


>Hello all,
>My 8 year old son wants a microscope for Christmas.  I have been 
>searching on the internet for a decent one that does not cost an arm 
>and a leg.  It seems like there are lots of cheap ones in the $12-30 
>range and then some nice ones that are in the $100-200 range.  Does 
>anyone know where I could get one that costs around $50-70 that is 
>not a piece of junk?  I would like 2 or 3 objectives.  Of course, 
>the slides need not be included!
>Thanks in advance,
>Kim Merriam
>Cambridge, MA
>Kim Merriam
>Cambridge, MA

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