[Histonet] thanks and aquamount

Sharon Cooperman scoop <@t> mail.nih.gov
Thu Oct 28 14:16:16 CDT 2004

Dear Histonetters,

Thanks to everyone for the great advice on bone decal and oil red o 
stain.  I have one last question related to the oil red o stain - I 
just bought a bottle of aquamount to use when mounting the oil red o 
stained slides, but it didn't come with instructions (on the bottle 
it refers to instructions).  Are there any special instructions for 
aquamount?  Do I need to seal the slides with nail polish or does 
aquamount harden?  Or, does anyone know how I can contact Lerner to 
get a copy of the instructions (I bought it from Fisher - Lerner 
doesn't answer the phone number I have for them).

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