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Thu Oct 28 10:55:44 CDT 2004

Eosin is the best marker for eosinophils I know of.

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Dear Brianna,
According to the datasheet of Monosan (www.monosan.com) antibody MON6008
(clone BMK-13) this antibody is staining FFPE sections after treating
the tissue section with pepsin; not with HIER! Perhaps this pepsin
treatment is worthwhile to test with your Chemicon antibody. Hope this

Chris van der Loos, PhD
Dept. of Pathology
Academic Medical Center
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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I guess I should have made myself clear, and I admit I forgot to sign my
name before I sent off the email.  I'm an IHC tech working for a private
company.  However, I'm not just trying to get "free advice on the
internet".  I have been a member of the Histonet community for four
years and have enjoyed reading and contributing to this service.  I
would never use a response from Histonet as anything but advice or a
hint in the right direction.  As for who I work for, I have never been
told that working for a private lab as opposed to a hospital excluded me
from Histonet. 
I am working on a research project for a couple of doctors at the
National Jewish in Denver.  I am trying to doublestain eosinophils in
skin biopsies by IHC and am having no luck with the MBP antibody
(Chemicon) on routinely processed FFPE.  It works fine for me on frozen
sections, and even a little bit on tissue fixed in 4% PFA. I found a few
emails in the archives regarding eosinophil markers, but most people
asking what I need to know had never been replied to, at least not via
the Histonet.  I have considered special stains to mark eosinophils, but
the doctors I am working with would like to use IHC. If I cannot make
this antibody (MBP) work on FFPE then I need to find another eosinophil
marker that does.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Brianna Jackson, BS, QIHC
UniPath, LLC
Denver, CO
bjackson <@t> unipathllc.com

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