[Histonet] I'm Sorry!

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Tue Oct 26 00:10:53 CDT 2004

Sympathy ++ for the car. Your attempt for
compensation by way of humour can't have
worked, but cannot have offended anyone.
Probably your humorous effort was so subtle
and clever that it got passed by as yet
another unanswerable query. 

I hope you get real compensation from your
car's insurance company.

Don't apologize to histonetters! If you
didn't get even one reply it must mean you
didn't offend anyone. It may also mean that
your message was so smart that none of the
histonetters (how many now, Herb? 2000?)
picked up on the point you were trying to
make. This happens all the time: send a
provocative message - nobody takes you
up on it. 

       John Kiernan
       London, Canada.
"P. Emry" wrote:
> Dear Histoneters,
> Last week I attempted some humor in asking for some recommendations for
> staining bone sutures (beyond H&E)  and got not one reply.
> If I offended..please forgive me.  I had just gotten my car stolen and was
> in a state.  (Got the car back a bit banged up, but runs).
> I would appreciate some suggestions.
> Thank you,
> Trisha
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