[Histonet] eosin in 95%

Linda Blazek BlazekL <@t> childrensdayton.org
Mon Oct 25 11:45:07 CDT 2004

We put the eosin in the last 100%.  We use about 10 - 20 ml from the
same eosin we use on our staining set up.  I don't think it really makes
a lot of difference if you put it in the 95% or the 100% and the volume
of eosin is pretty much a personal preference.  It doesn't take very
much to get the tint in the biopsies.
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>>> "Joanne Mauger" <MAUGER <@t> email.chop.edu> 10/25/2004 12:06:26 PM >>>

Dear list,
Those of you who use eosin in your 95% etoh on the processor-what
exactly do you use? The ready to stain eosin, or more concentrated? I
remember someone writing that they put it in the first 95,correct? We
need to stain our tiny gi bxs to better see them when embedding and
cutting. Any tips are appreciated.

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