[Histonet] Billing of Immunos

Bill Blank bill501 <@t> mindspring.com
Fri Oct 22 18:43:57 CDT 2004

At 3:17 PM -0500 10/22/04, Joe Nocito wrote:
>Example 2: If I have a uterus that has 10 blocks and the Dr. asks for 2
>immunos on block 1( say cervix) and 2 on block 7 (say endometrium)

Even if you accept the per specimen rational (I don't, I would charge 
per immuno stainEd slide I have to look at), the Uterus is multiple 
specimens taken out together - Cervis, endometrium, myometrium are 
all different organs. It can even be broken down more rigorously 
(endo- vs exocervix, eg).

Of course the bean counters might disagree, but... screw 'em.
Bill Blank, MD
Heartland Lab

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