[Histonet] Hydrophobic properties on red control box slides.

Wayne Holland wayneholland1959 <@t> msn.com
Wed Oct 20 10:44:16 CDT 2004

Has anyone experienced using an automated immuno system that maintains the 
slides on a horizontal plain during the run, having possible hydrophobic 
properties. This prevents the antibody and other reagents from being 
dispersed evenly on the slide. The reagents on this system are dispensed in 
the area of the control box (with the control box being painted on the 
underside of the slide). However when these slide are shipped, they are 
boxed back to front laying on one another of course, this causing the paint 
properties to be transferred to the slide in front if it. I have found that 
I have had to run the coated slides through Xylene and alcohol, then air dry 
under a hood before we mount the tissue. Has anyone experienced this being a 
problem? Once we started this additional step, all the problems of the 
tissue in the control box staining and not the patient has been eliminated. 
PLEASE HELP. The people that make the glass think I'm crazy.

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