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Wed Oct 20 11:36:35 CDT 2004

Hi Claude:

    Your problem may be that the intestines are attached to the 
posterior abdominal wall with a mesentary. Getting the intestine 
straight, without the normal curves and kinks, means you will have to 
cut the mesentary. Flushing with fixative is a good idea but keep the 
'inflation' mild to avoid distortion. Another poster suggested that the 
constricted areas might be due to the tumors themselves, sounds like a 
possibility to me too. Unfixed intestine is pretty 'relaxed' already and 
if you want good fixation, fix the tissue immediately after death. Don't 
worry about making it more flaccid.


Claude M Nagamine wrote:

>I'm looking for tumors in the small and large intestines of mice.  I've been
>inflating the intestines with formalin immediately after removal to prevent
>autolysis.  It also stretches the intestines making them easier to cut open
>and, if things work well, flushes the lumen.  However, there are often "tight"
>constricted areas that do not inflate or flush.  I was thinking that
>things would be simple if the intestines were flaccid in the first place.
>Does anyone have a technique to relax the intestines prior to flushing with
>Claude Nagamine
>MIT, Div. Comp. Medicine
>Cambridge, MA
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