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Atoska S. Gentry gentras <@t> vetmed.auburn.edu
Tue Oct 12 10:29:46 CDT 2004

Hello, please who is your source for OCT these days??? Thanks, Atoska

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>TBS makes a embedding media, but OCT is better.  If you are like me and
>constantly using the media during surgery, TBS bottle is much harder to
>squeeze, as in comparison to the OCT bottle.  And the quality of OCT is
> >>> Kim Merriam <kmerriam2003 <@t> yahoo.com> 10/12/2004 7:44:17 AM >>>
>Hello all,
>I was wondering if anyone knew of alternates to OCT-brand
>cryo-embedding media.  I know that there are other brands of the stuff,
>but it is my understanding that they are all basically made out of the
>same thing.  Does anyone know of any other media that is used to prepare
>frozen blocks?
>Kim Merriam
>Cambridge, MA
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