[Histonet] Creative people needed

ajennings <@t> unmc.edu ajennings <@t> unmc.edu
Thu Oct 7 09:54:13 CDT 2004

Most of you know that we are in the process of planning a hub where
histonetters can gather at the 2005 C/S in Florida. Our "OutPost" for
One of the suggestions that I am following up on is the distribution of
'Histonet' buttons.
 I would like help on the design. Send them to me personally, NOT via the
histonet listserv, please. Preferably as .jpeg. Not real sure if you will
receive anything except recognition from your fellow histonetters and my
undying gratitude, that will be decided after we have a sponsor for the
production costs. If possible the "winning" design should at least receive
a few of the buttons for their own distribution.
The only requirements for the buttons that I can see (open to suggestions)
would be
>something that catches your eye as unique so as to identify the wearer as
a histonetter
>the url for Histonet  http://www.histonet.org/
> a 'white space' for writing in your name or screen name with a
sharpie/marker (does not have to be white)
>name of the company that sponsors the  production
I will pull out  my old buttons and scan them to give you an idea of what
we had before, if you need to see them for inspiration.
Right now I just need your input on design
Things we will discuss after the first of the year.....
>'winning design'
>people who can not make it to the C/S but would still like a button
>number produced and distribution requirements
Please save your comments/suggestions on these topics until I post the
discussion after the first of the year.

We have two companies represented in our work group, but I don't want to
obligate them to "volunteer" their companies, since they are already
helping so much on the team.
If a company wants to be considered for production expenses they can
contact me personally.

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