[Histonet] Hard of hearing, anyone?

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Hi Teresa,

I have worked in the field for 42 years (yes I was 5 years old when I
began), during that time in very noisy labs with all the equipment you
mentioned running.  Also I developed some major environmental allergies.
All of this contributed to my now wearing 2 hearing aids.  I have different
deficits in each ear.  Who can determine just what caused the loss, but I
definitely had problems hearing conversation in the lab, even if they were
standing next to me.  I learned to read lips before I got my hearing aids,
but that was no help if they were not looking straight at me.  Who knows
what I missed over the years, and how many co-workers I irritated asking
them to repeat what they said.  My insurance did not pay for the devices but
did pay for the test to tell me I needed them.  I had to sell my car at that
time just to pay for them.  I feel the noise level in the lab is as much a
detriment to histotechs as is the repetitive motion injuries and the fumes
we breath.  That is another story in itself.


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Dear Histonetters, perplexed with what I am working with and wondering if
anyone else is having this trouble.

With all the automated equipment in the labs, refrigerators, centrifuges,
auto this and auto that, has anyone ever or routine performs a decibel
reading in a histology lab?

The reason I ask is that we have four ultramicrotones; a microwave, a
building lab vent a hood, two counter top vents and two venting hoods which
vent two processers, 3 refrigerators and a cryostat in a square footage of
20' x 25'. When someone walks in, I cannot hear a thing they are saying to
me, I have to be right next to them and it is such a relief when I do walk
out of the lab, so soothing to my ears, the quiet.


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