[Histonet] antibody needed as control in rat skin

ajennings <@t> unmc.edu ajennings <@t> unmc.edu
Fri Oct 1 14:22:00 CDT 2004

Tissue:   rat skin that has been fixed in formalin and embedded in
I need a monoclonal antibody (mab) that will work with little background
but specific confluent staining without pretreatment.
I have tried mab to actin and lamin both from Chemicon and get unacceptable
background staining using Vector ABC elite anti mouse and DAB substrate
kits for the procedure and visualization. I am testing the same antibodies
with a DAKO anti-mouse HRP, but I am interested in knowing if anyone has a
'great' mab that would work with the Vector kits. I do try and clean them
up with extended washes and blocks, what I am looking for is a tried and
true antibody that stains specifically either nuclear or cytoplasmic
doesn't matter, this antibody will be used as a control to test the
technical side of immunohistochemical staining procedures.
Any suggestions of a mab or that is clean in rat skin?

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