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Fri May 28 13:36:58 CDT 2004

So many of you have asked about Steve Slap that I thought the best way to get 
the word out is through the net. 
As many of you have already heard, Steve was in accident while riding his 
Honda scooter.  No one saw what actually happened, but thank God he was found 
quickly.  It happened near his home on May 11th and he was airlifted to the 
trauma center in Springfield.
I spoke with Lisa (Steve's significant other) just this morning.  Steve is 
still in a coma and in ICU.  For now, it's just a waiting game.  The doctor's 
are optimistic that he will come out of the coma but have given Lisa no time 
frame.  They say he is otherwise healthy and that will work well for the long 
recovery process.  When or if he actually gets back on his feet is not known 
because there is brain stem damage.  If there is any change I will let you all 
The best we can do now is to keep Steve and his family in our prayers.  Lisa 
did say she would love to hear from Steve's friends.  So if you would like to 
send a card, that would be great.  Include a picture, if you have one, with 
who and what it's about written on the back.  Part of the healing process is to 
just keep talking to Steve.  Cards and pictures will give Lisa and the nurses 
different things to talk about with him.
Steve's son Jeremy is holding his own.  He's a good kid.
Their address is:  Lisa Smith & Steve Slap  PO Box 31 Lake Pleasant, MA 01347
I will pass along any greetings posted to HistoNet.  If you prefer, you can 
email me directly at traczyk7 <@t> aol.com
Dorothy Murphy Traczyk
Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc.

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