[Histonet] Tower Of Babel erected on Hematoxylin

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Thu May 20 12:56:01 CDT 2004

Oratory....ah....interested in running for office?  Oh, Please?
Groovy, George Cole, .....Gus Swanzer...there has to be a story there...

On Thu, 20 May 2004, George Cole wrote:

> Histotechs;
> There is everything from smooth adoption and irate rejection of the new
> means of using Hematoxylin, that barky stuff Ehrilch discovered to be
> useful in staining tissues long ago. I usually tell about GILLS III,
> then duck the diatribes that come usually bark back at me. Folks, I
> mixed my Hematoxylin and ripened it on the roof like the pioneers did.
> As I more likely got rain on it than maturing sun light here in Oregon,
> I was delighted to hear about instant mercuric ripening of the stain. I
> Can't believe it,  we used to play with mercury like children.  So when
> hematoxylin preps came along that were already ripened, I thought the
> glory days were here.  Well, all the mixes later---of which Mayers and
> Harris were dominant for so long, and  have lately given way to GILLS I,
> II, and III mixtures. Heated responses result  from discussions of which
> of these very good mixes, all of them,  ranging all the way from you
> techs who still ripen the stuff on the roof, to those who idolize the
> GILLs III.  Tempers flare.  The Tower Of Babel was sweet talking Nice
> Town compared to some of the heat a tech will take when he tells the
> world about how well his favorite Hematoxylin stain works. Folks, when
> ever one of the improvements came along, I got some.  I set up my
> hematoxylin as usual and set up the new candidate and ran them side by
> side.  I then asked all hands---techs, doctors, my wife----which one
> they liked better.  Which ever one won, I kept ( ssshhh, provided I
> liked it too).  The use of GILLS III at my retirement was a result of
> tests  in my lab with residents and pathologists, as well as massive
> trials in the main lab, comparisons of the old and the
> new----side-by-side trials on the same tissues---no  one cussed---no one
> drew back---the matter was so straight forward, it was quickly settled.
> And in every side-by-side trial the GILLS II, at first, and then the
> GILLS III, won. There was no question about it.  The slides did the
> talking. The rangling on the histonet about Hematoxylins resemble  the
> Scholastic Age of Reverence to Ariistotle----kneeling  to
> Authority---the authority usually being a person's personal habit.
> Folks, it doesn't really hurt to allow improvements into one's life. The
> increased quality and the usually simpler processes, are gifts available
> to the receptive tech. And in the background, the patients being served
> with the stain investigations are better served.
> Now then, I sign my name---Gus Swanser.----oh phooey, I might as well
> put my real name down and duck.
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