[Histonet] Fixation and Decalcification of Bone Marrow Bxs.

"Пешков Максим" maxim_71 <@t> mail.ru
Thu May 20 08:37:46 CDT 2004

Hi, Charlene
We use fixation of specimens in Holland, decal in a equal volumes of 8 % acetic and 8 % hydrochloric acids 1-4 hours. Further - alcohols, clearites and paraffin. We do not use IHC, but H&E, Giemsa, Gram, etc. turn out perfectly. Before staining it is necessary to wash the rests of a fixing agent carefully. We don t see any infringements of morphology. But, we work more often with autopsy specimens.
Maxim_71 <@t> mail.ru
Maxim Peshkov, HT
Pathoanatomical bureau,
Taganrog, Russia.

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