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Hello everyone,

This question might have been posted before, but,   Histology Department is
expecting a brain biopsy from a possible CJD patient today.  The specimen
will be coming down in formalin from the O.R.  It will be kept in formalin
for 2-7 days and will be transferred to formic acid for the required time.
Then the specimen will be transferred to formalin before processing for
another 2 days.  Has anyone dealt with this procedure before. These are the
questions asked by the hstology department.

How do you decontaminate the processor, microtome, stainer and
What kind of protective gear apart from standard precaution has to be used?
How about the shaving of the tissues?
How do you dispose the formalin  from the original formalin container where
the specimen was sent in and how do you dispose the reagents from the
processor and the stainer?
Can this biopsy be processed, once treated with formic acid, along with the
other specimens or  should the biopsy be processed with the other

Need Help!!

Thank you in advance

Mala Srishan
Histology Supervisor
Holy Name Hospital
Teaneck, NJ 07666

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