[Histonet] VIP 5 malfunctions

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Mon May 17 13:11:13 CDT 2004

Nancy Klemme from Sakura?  Can you address this please?
I too have had a problem with water contaminating my solutions.  First
time it happened we were told the water filter bottle was too full and
it siphoned up into the back of the instrument.  We've made sure since
then the water filter bottle was only about 1/4 full, and have had it
empty out on another occasion.  One of our bottles of alcohol was full,
and we had water into the spill tray.  There seems to be no reason for
this that I can find.  We are keeping a very close watch on our
solutions to ensure we don't have contamination because I don't fully
trust it not to malfunction.
Joe Nocito says they had a paraffin plug in the back which caused their
problems, and Mark Tarango had issues after he changed solutions.  I can
imagine that Joe's problem resulted from a bad rotary valve.
Is this all operator error, or is something else going on here with the
water filter?  The rotary valve shouldn't have any involvement with the
water filter, correct?
To answer your question, Mark, the water filter just is an additional
method of filtering the alcohol and xylene fumes and activates every
time there is a pump in or out of these solutions.

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