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The  trouble  with  the  arrogant  old  fart(AOFs)  approach  to Health  and  Safety  matters is   not that  the  AOFs put  anyone  or  themselves in  any  danger  as  they  have  that  most  valuable  of  commodities, experience,  but  this  is  just  what  their  impressionable  juniors(IRs)  do  not  have and  it  is  these  IRs that  will  go  on and  make  the  mistakes.
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Although Bill's views may sound rather prima donna-ish to some, I must support him.
Safety procedures and practices have become rather petty, tedious, and in my view, sometimes more dangerous than the perceived danger designed for.
Goggles prevent you seeing well - dangerous.
Feather blade holders prevent you sensing where the blade is - dangerous.
Safety hoods/cabinets prevent you seeing or doing anything in other than a clumsy way - dangerous, and so on.
Let sense rule over nonsense.

NB - this is NOT in any way anti-safety.

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>Can anyone out there help me with what to do when the pathologists and their
>staff (not paid by the hospital) will not follow safety regulations

As a Pathologist and Physician, I try to never let regulations get in 
the way of my caring for patients. With 12 years of intensive 
education after high school and several decades of experience I 
claim, nay, demand the right to decide how to behave in a clinical 
setting for myself without interference of bureaucrats or 
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