[Histonet] fixing and mounting swollen microparticles

ZP degaboh <@t> rice.edu
Fri May 7 16:10:16 CDT 2004

Hello all, 
I have gelatin microparticles that will be loaded with a growth factor by
swelling them in the growth factor solution, and I want to see the
distribution of the growth factor in the particles with IHC. Ideally, it
would be nice if the particles stay swollen, but I am going to be
cryosectioning and fixing them in acetone.  If I'm going to be fixing in
acetone anyway (which will dehydrate them), does it matter if I use
xylene/Permount (which dehydrates and thus may shrink the particles) vs. the
aqueous mount?
Zarana Patel
degaboh <@t> rice.edu


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