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Wed Jun 2 10:24:01 CDT 2004

You can always do the conjugation yourself, and with the wonderful Alexa
488 from Molecular Probes, which is brighter and resistant to
photobleaching, far better than FITC. They have other Alexa's for different
colors, 546 equal to rhodamine, etc.   

OR use the unconjugated primary antibody and detect it with a secondary
labeled with these dyes, Jackson has them or seconday from Molecular Probes
with Alexa 488. Our lab does this all the time, no problems.  Just make
sure the secondary is adsorbed to mouse, and we prefer an F(ab')2 fragment
of IgG. An minor extra step.  

Another possibility is to buy the antibody conjugated to biotin (if BD has
it) and come back with Strepavidin-Alexa 488 for excellent results, if not
superior results than SA-FITC (we no longer use this in lieu of superior
SA-Alexa 488).  We like biotinylated primaries for both FACS and as a
primary for IHC - kills two birds with one antibody.     

At 09:57 AM 6/2/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>OK guys, I'm trying to find an anti-CD42 antibody, specific for mouse 
>cd42, conjugated (Cy5, FITC) for use in FACS to quantitate platelets in 
>mouse blood.  BD has a non-conjugated CD42 antibody and also conjugated 
>anti-CD41 antibodies, but I believe CD41 is more for looking at activated 
>platelets rather than resting platelets, which is what CD42 is better for. 
> If you know of anything that fits this description I would greatly 
>appreciate it.
>A little off the wall, I know.
>Jackie O'Connoor
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